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About FoSBC

   The Friends of Saint Benedict Center was established in March, 2019 to provide moral and material support for the faithful Catholics of the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire. Those loyal Catholics, because of their traditional beliefs and practices, are now enduring an unjust and unprecedented persecution by the troubled, scandal plagued Diocese of Manchester. This persecution has put in danger the future of the young students at the Center's beloved and orthodox Immaculate Heart of Mary School.

   The Chairman of the Friends of Saint Benedict Center is Wisconsin businessman Tim Zignego. Our spokesman is C. J. Doyle of Massachusetts. Our supporters come from all over the United States.

   The FoSBC is committed to assisting the Saint Benedict Center in its canonical appeal to the Holy See in Rome, and to aiding the Center in any civil litigation which may arise in this process. We are also dedicated to defending the Saint Benedict Center through public advocacy in both the secular and the Catholic media.

   The Friends of Saint Benedict Center welcome the support of all faithful Catholics, and others of good will, who wish to see this terrible injustice reversed, and who hope and pray that the Saint Benedict Center and Immaculate Heart of Mary School will remain a refuge of Catholic fidelity and integrity in these turbulent times for the Catholic Church.

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