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Attack on the SBC Unjust, Inaccurate and Uncalled For

The following is a letter to the editor from the Friends of Saint Benedict Center to the New Hampshire Union Leader. It was sent in response to a letter which was published today, September 8th, in which a supporter of the controversial canonist, Reverend Georges de Laire, called the Saint Benedict Center a "destructive, off the wall, distorted sect."


September 8, 2021 New Hampshire Union Leader Attention: Letters Editor P.O. Box 9555 Manchester, NH 03108-9555 To the Editor: The vituperative language directed against the Saint Benedict Center by Peg Donahue-Turner, in her letter on the Father Georges de Laire controversy, was unjust, inaccurate and uncalled for, (Letter: Priest's fight with sect should be kept private, 9/8/2021). Certainly, Catholics can disagree in good faith, without resorting to such rancor and name calling. One hopes that Donahue-Turner's antagonistic posture does not reflect the attitude of her friend, Father de Laire. Donahue-Turner's criticism of the Mark Hayward article on Father de Laire was unwarranted. Any objective reader ought to perceive that Hayward's article was fair to all parties. No one was spared criticism and everyone was given the opportunity to present their own views. Sincerely, C. Joseph Doyle Director of Communications Friends of Saint Benedict Center P. O. Box 6551 Manchester, NH 03108 (617) 524-6309

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