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Brother Francis—A Remembrance

   Today marks the tenth anniversary of the death---his dies natalis in heaven---of our holy founder and beloved superior, Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.

   Seventy-seven years ago, in 1942, Brother Francis, then a brilliant young professor teaching at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, came to the Saint Benedict Center in Cambridge. Just two years earlier, in 1940, the Center was founded as a spiritual refuge for Catholic students attending Harvard and Radcliffe.

   Along with Father Leonard Feeney and Sister Catherine Goddard Clarke, Brother Francis came to understand---twenty years before Vatican II---the eviscerating effect that the spirit of liberalism and modernism was wreaking upon Catholic life in America. The Faith was being eroded, the Church weakened, and the fervor and militancy of Catholics diminished and debilitated. 

   Instead of seeking to convert their country to the True Faith, too many Catholics sought only acceptance, assimilation and accommodation in the dominant Anglo-Protestant culture of the United States. Confronted by opposition, not only from secular society, but from politically minded elements within the Church itself, (including the Kennedy family), Brother Francis joined Father Feeney and Sister Catherine in 1949 to establish the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Their purpose was to mount a crusade for the conversion of America. 

   Brother Francis could have enjoyed a comfortable and distinguished academic career at any Catholic university in America. Instead, he sacrificed everything to spend more than sixty years defending traditional Catholicism and its defined dogma of the necessity of the Catholic Faith for salvation.

   Brother Francis has left us a magnificent Catholic legacy, in his many writings and recorded lectures, and in the pious recollections of his many disciples, students, and friends. His principal institutional legacy however, is the Saint Benedict Center, with its Immaculate Heart of Mary School, in Richmond, New Hampshire. 

   That legacy is now in danger. A new generation of liberals and modernists in positions of power in the Church, abetted by a lavender influence, is resorting to draconian methods in its determination to finally and utterly destroy the work of Brother Francis. 

   Do not let them succeed! Please help the Saint Benedict Center withstand this lethal and malevolent assault.

   Please make a donation today to help the Saint Benedict Center defend itself from the unjust persecution it is suffering at the hands of the troubled, scandal ridden Diocese of Manchester! Do not let a corrupt bureaucracy suppress a flourishing apostolate of traditional Catholics. Please help sustain the legacy of Brother Francis!

Thank you and may God bless you and your family.


C. J. Doyle

Friends of Saint Benedict Center

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