“Cheap Shot at Diocese’s Decision to Open Schools a Teachable Moment for Nonhaters”

July 26, 2020

The Rochester Voice

To the Editor:

The tediously woke Jonna Carter would have us believe that she is opposed to in-classroom instruction by Catholic schools in New Hampshire this fall, (Jonna Carter: School dazed, 7/14/2020).

She cites no data however, nor does she make any reasoned argument. Instead, in a tone of derision, Carter unburdens herself with a series of snide, mocking and gratuitous references to everything from Catholic teaching on birth control to clerical sexual abuse.

Observing Carter's fusillade of cheap shots, a reasonable person might reasonably conclude that she is less interested in the health of Catholic school students than she is in ventilating her undisguised contempt for the Catholic religion.

It is disappointing that the Union Leader would publish such sophomoric drivel from a facile bigot pretending to be clever.

C. J. Doyle

Director of Communications

Friends of Saint Benedict Center

PO Box 6551

Manchester, NH 03108


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