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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

   The Saint Benedict Center is located in rural New Hampshire. It is a small community of Catholic Faithful. The community has been working in good faith and in full cooperation with the Diocese of Manchester for the past 12 years.

    The Saint Benedict Center is a community dedicated to the traditions of the Catholic Church through prayer and teaching. For nearly 80 years they have brought the Catholic Faith to many souls! The Saint Benedict Center, until recently, offered local Catholics and the Saint Benedict Center community the opportunity to attend the Traditional Latin Mass. The Manchester Diocese even provided the Saint Benedict Center with the priests to say the Traditional Latin Mass. SBC also operates the Immaculate Heart of Mary School. At times they have had over 50 students, teaching a classical and traditional curriculum. Finally, the Saint Benedict Center offers a plethora of Catholic books, articles, multimedia products such as online broadcasting and electronic print to help Catholics.

    The Saint Benedict Center sounds too good to be true in this day and age, but I assure you that this Catholic community is the real deal if you are interested in attaining eternal salvation.

    On January 7, 2019 the Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire, imposed numerous “precepts” or commands upon the members of the Saint Benedict Center. The Diocesan command deprived the Saint Benedict Center of a priest to say Mass and also specifically targeted the community’s financial survival by barring the Saint Benedict center from directly soliciting donations, selling Catholic books and multimedia products, and also threatened their printed message, electronic publishing efforts as well as their online broadcasting apostolate.

    According to the January 7 Diocesan precepts, the Immaculate Heart of Mary School cannot solicit donations from its benefactors to support the education of the children attending the school.

    The legal case needs to be made, first, through the official legal channels in the Catholic Church so that justice may prevail.

    The members of Saint Benedict Center, the staff of Immaculate Heart of Mary School, and employees of the Saint Benedict Center publishing division, therefore, are seeking due process in the Church by appealing this case to the Vatican. This type of case will require expert civil and canon lawyers, including experts in Europe who are qualified to represent the faithful appellants in the Vatican. This means the case is time sensitive, highly specialized and yes, costly!

    The members of Saint Benedict Center are confident that they have a strong case! The Diocese of Manchester currently may not allow SBC members/employees to directly fund-raise at this time. However, I am able to ask, and we can HELP! Please keep Saint Benedict Center in your prayers and send what financial help you can!


On behalf of the Friends of Saint Benedict Center

Tim Zignego

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