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JANUARY 14, 2019

The Union Leader Letters Editor P. O. Box 9555 Manchester, NH 03108-9555

To the Editor:

     Damien Fisher’s venomous article on the Saint Benedict Center was a toxic mixture of pejorative language, invidious characterizations, malicious falsehoods and calculated omissions, (NH based ‘only Catholics go to heaven’ group sanctioned by Church; aspiring nun allegedly held against her will, 1/19/2019).

     Fisher’s overtly hostile reference to the group’s superior as “Louis Villarrubia, who presents himself as Brother Andre Marie,” was, clearly, intended to be demeaning. It would be unimaginable for any reporter to describe the female prelates of the Lutheran or Episcopal Churches in such a manner.

     Even more problematic was Fisher citing at face value the assertions of the Southern Poverty Law Center, without informing his readers of that organization’s longstanding campaign of defamation against both traditional Catholics and mainstream conservatives.

The dredging up of a bogus and discredited charge that someone was being held against their will at the monastery was an appalling exercise in unethical journalism. Fisher carefully omits telling his readers who, if anyone, made this accusation. Since even Fisher reported that the person in question denied this, and that law enforcement investigated this without taking further action, what possible purpose was there in repeating this lie in the story’s headline, beyond inciting public alarm, and holding the Saint Benedict Center up to public opprobrium?

     The Union Leader did its readers no service in providing Damien Fisher with a platform to ventilate his unconcealed rancor towards these innocent, unoffending, traditional Catholics.


     C. J. Doyle

Executive Director

     Catholic Action League of Massachusetts

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