Saint Joseph's Demolition Controversy/Letter to the Editor of the Laconia Daily Sun

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

August 21, 2020 The Laconia Daily Sun 1127 Union Avenue Laconia, NH 03246 To the Editor: The Saint Joseph Church Preservation Society should be commended for their valiant efforts to save their church from demolition by the Diocese of Manchester, (Group sends Father Drouin letter urging lifting of church demolition permit, 8/20/2020). It was poignant to read their invocation of "the legacy of those departed who sacrificed for the construction and upkeep of the church..."

Catholics have a right to defend the patrimony of their Faith and the heritage of their community, memorialized, in this case, in the stone, stained glass and sacred memories of Saint Joseph's. The Canon Law of the Catholic Church specifically recognizes the right of the faithful to make known their needs and manifest their opinions to their pastors. The Diocese of Manchester can relieve the suffering of these parishioners by responding promptly, explicitly and affirmatively to their just call for the revocation of the demolition permit. Sincerely, C. J. Doyle Director of Communications Friends of Saint Benedict Center P. O. Box 6551 Manchester, NH 03108 friendsofthesbc@gmail.com (617) 524-6309

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