The Mike Church Show Discusses Catholic Hospital Takeover, Persecution of Saint Benedict Center

Last month, The Mike Church Show on the Crusade Channel of the Veritas Radio Network, discussed the tragic decision by the Bishop of Manchester, the Most Reverend Peter Libasci, to approve the takeover of Catholic Medical Center in Manchester by Dartmouth Hitchcock Health, the leading perpetrator of surgical and medical abortions in the State of New Hampshire. 

Dartmouth Hitchcock not only performs abortions, but trains medical personnel in abortion procedures. It also dispenses abortifacient contraceptives, including Plan B, and does pre-natal genetic testing, which is intended to detect fetal abnormalities, like Down Syndrome, so as to facilitate the decision to procure an abortion. 

Mike Church's guest was C. J. Doyle, the Director of Communications of the Friends of Saint Benedict Center, who pointed out, that under this so-called merger, Dartmouth Hitchcock would control a three-fifths majority on the board of directors of the combined entity. Doyle said that this acquisition, which is opposed by New Hampshire Right to Life, and former State Representative Barbara Hagan, would fatally impair the Catholic identity and religious integrity of Catholic Medical Center. 

Doyle also discussed the on-going persecution of the faithful Catholics of the Saint Benedict Center by the troubled, scandal ridden Diocese of Manchester. You can listen to the entire interview here.



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